Model Profile and Interview: Kobe Lee


  • Name: Kobe Lee
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Height: 5′ 6” (167cm)

Work Preference

Fitness Model, Stock Photo, Fashion, Runway, Print Magazine, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour, Nude, Parts Modeling, Hair, Adult, Topless

Where to Find Kobe

Website, Purestorm Profile, Twitter, Facebook

Interview with Kobe Lee

Kobe, thank you for taking the time to interview with us. When did you first start modeling, and why did you want to do this?

You’re so very welcome. I enjoy your site very much.

I first started modeling when I was 18 for a web company in my home town. After working for them for a few years I started taking on individual assignments that included portfolio development and more website work. I really didn’t realize when I first started that I would be modeling for as long as I have but I always did, and still do, enjoy my industry.

As you know, the modeling industry is very competitive, and many younger models have a tough time building up a portfolio. What bit of advice could you give to somebody starting out in this industry who wants to grow their publicity?

For me it was best to built my portfolio using images from TFP shoots that I sought out as well as images from the paid shoots I was doing. The combination of both worked well to build a strong book.

What is your favorite style of modeling, and what direction do you see yourself taking in the future?

I enjoy all types of modeling, and I am glad that I don’t have to shoot the same style everyday. My favorite styles are glamour, art nudes, and fetish. I often think it is funny that I am often asked “What’s next?” As someone who as been in this industry for 12 years I started getting that question several years ago. In the fetish industry a model has a very long life span and I see myself doing this for quite a while longer. I also plan on going into more of the production side of things in the future.

Are there any resources that you would like to share that have helped or influenced your success in this industry?

I believe for me a lot of my success has come from me really putting myself out there and traveling. I paid for a lot of my own travel and made sure I was touring and creating contacts through out the world in my early years. As I continued to grow as a model my name was more recognizable to people because of this.

Finally, who have you have looked up to for inspiration inside or outside of the modeling industry?

I look up to a lot of people. Kendra James is a wonderful role model, as well as many photographers and producers that believe in the themselves enough to make their dream in this crazy world come true. I admire my friends and family for sticking by me though all my career choices without judgment. But mostly, I think as a model you really need to look inside yourself and find your own inspiration and confidence. You need to stand out and be unique.

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