Model Profile and Interview: Roxanne Hannay


  • Name: Roxanne Hannay
  • Location: Cornwall, UK
  • Height: 5′ 3” (160cm)

Work Preference

Fitness Model, Stock Photo, Fashion, Runway, Print Magazine, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour, Nude, Parts Modeling, Hair, Topless, Gothic

Where to Find Roxanne

Website, Purestorm Profile, Twitter, Facebook

Interview with Roxanne Hannay

Roxanne, thank you for taking the time to interview with us. When did you first start modeling, and why did you want to do this?

I started Modeling when I was 16, I had always been attracted to the glamorous side of the industry and I wanted to prove to myself as well as those around me who didn’t think much of my fair skin or hair colour that I could do well as a model.

As you know, the modeling industry is very competitive, and many younger models have a tough time building up a portfolio. What bit of advice could you give to somebody starting out in this industry who wants to grow their publicity?

Getting started is easier than people think, and much less expensive thanks to sites like Purestorm. You don’t need to invest in an expensive and often generic portfolio shot by a commercial photographer. Instead have somebody you trust take some interesting photos that you think show your potential, upload them and start off small by looking for TFP shoots (time for print, means your paid for your time by images) with photographers who’s work you think will benefit your portfolio, before long you should have something pretty impressive. Gaining publicity and raising your profile is more tricky, and involves always keeping an eye out and dedication a generous fraction of your modeling time to opportunities that may not benefit you financially, but raise awareness of your work… Brand you!

What is your favorite style of modeling, and what direction do you see yourself taking in the future?

I have always had a soft spot for glamour modeling, but its important to have the ability to adapt if a new opportunity comes along In the future. Becoming more successful, I am always looking for more experience in the industry!

Are there any resources that you would like to share that have helped or influenced your success in this industry?

Almost 5’4 by Isobella Jade
David Holmes – graniteandgrace – purestorm.
My partner Benjamin Dixon :-p

Finally, who have you have looked up to for inspiration inside or outside of the modeling industry?

Nicola Roberts from girls aloud.

Being the odd one out, getting taunted for having redhair and being in the shadows most of my life! She has also overcome so much constant criticism.

She was neither considered popular, pretty or column-worthy but now she has gone solo and carved out her name in the industry. I think she is amazing!

People called me ugly for being different but I won’t let them win.

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