Modeling Tips

Modeling tips – a list created for both beginner and intermediate models. If you have any further tips, let us know in the comments, and we will add them in. It is especially good to look through this list just before a shoot.

Professional Congruency

  1. You want to be seen as a professional model, who takes their work seriously. That doesn’t rule out being friendly, but keep online messages (like emails) to the point. Avoid using different colored fonts in emails, etc.
  2. Be on time. If you want consistent work, this is very important. Most photographers will not like it if you are late (time is money), and it may turn them off from using you again. If you are late for a good reason, let it go and don’t allow it to affect your performance. Apologize once, and get on with the job as you would have anyway.
  3. Be prepared. Remember that America’s Next Top Model episode where only one girl packed her heels to go out, only to need them for a go-see that day? Be the one who is prepared for a shoot by taking what you need, and not relying on the photographer to have everything prepared. This includes taking your own make-up, regardless of whether a make-up artist is supposed to be there, and of course any special foods if you are on a diet.
  4. Bring I.D. to photo-shoots.
  5. Only put into your portfolio the kinds of photos you are willing to take.


  1. When using online sites, be conservative about the amount of information you give out. That information, along with your pictures, are usually there for the world to see.
  2. Only book with photographers that have samples of their works available for you to see. If you are using an online service with a community, like Purestorm, ask around if you are unsure about the photographer’s legitimacy.
  3. When going for a shoot alone, it’s good to let somebody else know where you are going and with whom.
  4. Try to get the phone number of the photographer, and the address of the venue.
  5. Try to be clear on what is expected before the shoot, and don’t feel pressured to do otherwise once the shoot has begun.
  6. Get a release signed before or after the shoot. This release should specify where and how the photos are to be used.
  7. Any agreement made about shoots, travel expenses, etc., are best if they are in writing.
  8. It is highly uncharacteristic of a professional photographer to touch a model during a shoot. If you feel uncomfortable because of a photographer’s proximity, say so.

Just in Case

  1. Bring some extra cash along with you, in case you need extra transportation.
  2. Only shoot photographs that you are proud of displaying¬†publicly¬†- if you wouldn’t show your friends or family, rather skip it. Rarely will such a decision actually have an impact on your career.
  3. Try to sleep well before a shoot.

General Tips

  1. Be persistant, even once you’ve got a few good shots, keep going at it as hard as you can.
  2. Keep your portfolio up-to-date. As you and your body changes, allow your portfolio to reflect that. Not to do so is, in a way, false advertising.
  3. Communication with the photographer is important – if the photographer likes you, that may go a long way in getting future bookings. That means respond quickly to emails, and be friendly on-set.
  4. Modeling is about selling. In order to sell something, you need to be sure of yourself. Modeling is therefore as much about the inside, as the outside.
  5. Visit a range of agencies before settling on a particular one. Choose one that will suit you in the long run, and will give you the space to grow.
  6. Models face a lot of rejection, strong opinions, and self-critique. Be prepared to deal with disappointment and uncertainty, and beware of emotional ups-and-downs.
  7. Always choose the healthier option. Fainting on set is a problem.
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